What is SDR?


Screamin' Demon Rewards is the FREE student program that rewards attendance at Wake Forest athletic events.

As students attend more and more events, their loyalty point number will increase. Those points can then be used in our online Prize Store to redeem a variety of great prizes. Prizes range from Wake Forest apparel to electronics like televisions, or unique experiences. Prizes will be updated periodically throughout the year, so make sure to check them often. Points can begin being earned during a student's freshman year and can be earned continuously until graduation.

Screamin' Demon Rewards is also the best resource for students to learn about upcoming Wake Forest Athletics Events, Promotions, and Giveaways. Using the Events tab, students can find a schedule with upcoming Wake Forest Athletics events; as well as any promotions, giveaways, and themes associated with that event. 


Becoming a member is easy and FREE. Every student who attends Wake Forest University can be a member of Screamin' Demon Rewards, you simply activate your membership to start tracking your points. To activate your membership:

  • Click "Join" on the home page and enter your information including your 8-digit Wake Forest student ID number and classification.
  • You will receive an email after you activate your membership with other details about the program.

NOTE: Make sure to enter your Wake Forest student ID number correctly. An incorrect entry would prevent access at athletic events where your digital ticket is used for entry.


Points are awarded to students who attend a variety of on-campus events, including Wake Forest athletic events and a variety of other designated SDR events. Point values for each event vary, beginning at 50 points and ranging up to 300 points. In addition, staying for the full duration of an event will earn you up to 150 bonus points!

Students earn SDR points simply by attending events at Wake Forest and using the SDR iOS or Android app to check in. All you have to do to claim your points is visit the "Events" tab of the SDR iOS or Android app once you have entered the event and click "Check-In"!

NOTE: If your mobile ticket is scanned to enter the event, that’s it – you will automatically earn your points for attending. But, make sure you have the "Screamin' Demon Rewards" iOS or Android app downloaded so you can earn extra points for arriving early and for staying for the entire event.


Email us at rewards@wfu.edu if you have any questions.