Student Ticketing


To claim tickets for an event, simply click on the event you wish to attend from the “Events” tab, and select “Claim Ticket”. For Football, tickets will be available to claim at 12 pm, 5 days prior to kickoff. For Men's Basketball and Baseball ticket claims will be available at noon 2 days before. For all other sports, ticket claims will be available 48 hours before the event start time.

For select events, tickets to attend games may be allocated through Screamin’ Demon Rewards on a weighted ticket lottery system that will be operated on an individual game basis. This process allows Athletics staff to account for capacity limitations that may apply to certain high-demand events.

In order to have access to the lottery, students must activate their Screamin’ Demons Rewards account. The more points a student earns, the better chance that individual has to win tickets. Individuals will be rewarded with additional Dedicated Deac points for staying until the event concludes.

This process will provide Athletics staff flexibility to maximize the number of tickets available to students for each game at all Wake Forest Athletics venues.

Student Ticket Lottery

  • Lottery Opens for Entries - At the specified time, the lottery will be launched in the Screamin’ Demon Rewards app. Simply enter the lottery by clicking the “Lottery” tab at the top of the SDR webpage, and then click “Enter Lottery” under the appropriate event.
    • Students will receive the same number of entries as the number of points within their account.

  • Lottery Closes & Drawing Follows - At the specified time, the lottery closes and no more entries can be made. Shortly after the lottery closes, the digital drawing is held to select winning students to be awarded tickets.

  • Cancel/Transfer Period Opens - At the specified time, the Transfer/Cancel period opens. Those winning students will receive a notification within the SDR app and via email that they have won the lottery. They will be provided the option to accept, decline, or transfer their ticket.
    • Should they choose to transfer their ticket, they may send it to any other student with an SDR account who did not receive a ticket via the lottery. That student would then be able to accept the ticket.
    • Should they choose to decline, a ticket will be awarded to the next student listed on the lottery waitlist (this number is visible to each student who has entered the lottery).
    • Should they choose to accept, they will receive a digital ticket to use to enter the arena on gameday.

  • Cancel/Transfer Period Closes - At the specified time, the Transfer/Cancel period closes. Any student who wins a ticket and has not taken action on it yet will have that ticket automatically accepted.
    • Following the end of the transfer/cancel period, each student who won the lottery, but did not transfer or cancel their ticket, will receive a digital ticket via email. This digital ticket should be downloaded to the student’s mobile device in advance of the game and will be scanned for entry at the gate. At the gate, the student will need to also present their Wake Forest student ID for entry.
  • Gameday - Students should make sure they have their digital ticket on their mobile device, as well as their ID card in hand to be ready to enter the gate.

    **Important Note** To maximize the number of tickets available with the number of students in attendance, if a student has accepted their ticket and then chooses not to attend the game, they will receive a 300 point deduction. This will decrease their odds of getting tickets to a future game for another sport. They will also not be permitted to enter a student ticket lottery for the remainder of the season.


How are points used in the lottery?

Each time a student enters the ticket lottery, they will receive a number of entries equal to the total number of points they have earned. Therefore, the more points a student earns, the higher chance they have of winning tickets to a game.

What if my point total is incorrect?

Please allow 48 hours after each game for points to be updated. After 48 hours, if you believe your point total is incorrect, please email with how many points you believe you are missing and from what game(s). You will have one week after an event to have your points rechecked.

What should I do if I win tickets to a game, but can no longer attend?

If you win a ticket and can no longer attend, you have two options:

  1. You may transfer the ticket to a friend through the SDR app. Please note that the transfer must be accepted by the recipient.
  2. You may cancel your ticket which goes to the next student on the waitlist.  

You may do either of these options until the end of the transfer/cancel period. Please make sure you check the app for the transfer/cancel period deadline. If you transfer/cancel, your point total will not be affected. However, if you keep your ticket and do not attend, you will be deducted 300 points and will be unable to enter any future student ticket lotteries this football season.

Does my class year affect my chances of winning tickets?

All Wake Forest students are eligible for the student ticket lottery. At the time of registration, students will receive a bonus set of points based upon their classification to provide them more entries into the ticket lotteries. However, there is no preferential treatment in the lottery selections. The system is designed to reward students who attend and stay until the completion of games, as well as those who regularly enter lotteries to try to attend games.